Day 1

Atom structure,definition of conductor,What is a electricity, hz,volt & amp how to check volt and amp with digital multimeter,oscilloscope operating instruction
Day 2

This video class introduction about fixed resistor,wire wound resistor,thermostat resistor,smd resistor,network resistor. Electron Factor How to work earthing , check earthing and nutral with digital multimeter ,fuse .
Day 3

How to work Diode ?Diode Testing with multimeter,Bridge Rectifier,LED,Zenor Diode,Check AC to DC supply with oscilloscope.
Day 4

Capacitors are two-terminal electrical elements. Capacitors are essentially two conductors, usually conduction plates - but any two conductors - separated by an insulator - a dielectric - with connection wires connected to the two conducting plates
Day 5

All about Transitor how to check NPN ,PNP Transitor Transitor working theory..
All about mosfet . this chapter is important for desktop and laptop motherboard repairing work
Day 6

How to work Transformer & check transformer , smps circuit section wise description..We begin this chapter by studying the basic logic gates and understanding the fundamentals as well as the basic rules.
Day 7

This session was main part of the training, which provided a mass knowledge about desktop motherboard architecture ,
Day 8

This session is included full detail of all types of vrm circuit like TGATE ,BGATE mosfet identification ,description of VID Signal,Powergood signal ,Load resistance etc. Fault finding in VRM section.
Day 9

This topic covered FDD,Keyboard,mouse circuit ,faultfinding flow chart , LPT PORT , ACPI INTERFACE ,HARDWARE MONITOR INTERFACE,CPU FAN ,I/O connected to the south bridge using a special low-speed bus, and this architecture is called LPC
Day 10

Basic input output system How to identify bios and how to program bios with bios programmer..
Day 11

How to work memory,memory power supply faultfinding, ram section problem solution with easy flow chart.
Day 12

LED ERROR , POST ERROR,RESET PROBLEM , FRAME PROBLEMRAM PROBLEM ,BIOS PROBLEM , And many more solutions with fault finding flowchart
Day 13

Laptop Volt in section is a voltage selector for Laptop motherboard . it can select voltage from DC power supply OR Battery supply
Day 14

All about Laptop battery charging circuit & SMBUS interface data ,clock signal identification and troubleshooting process.
Day 15

ACPI must be supported by the computer motherboard, basic input/output system (BIOS), and the operating system. One of several power schemes can be chosen. Within a power scheme.
Day 16

lcd panels are lit with built-in fluorescent tubes above, beside and sometimes behind the LCD. A white diffusion panel behind the LCD redirects and scatters the light evenly to ensure a uniform display. This is known as a backlight
Day 17

Main (PCH) BIOS And EC/SIO BIOS Concept, How To Identify PCH BIOS Region & EC BIOS Region In Update,How To Cut, Edit & Make PCH & EC BIOS From Update,Edit & Make Full BIOS If Update File Is Only Half Or Less Compare Original.
Day 18

In the field of laptop repair appeared very necessary need to flash microcontroller ENE KB 9012 (128KB) The flash, which is located inside the controller, like a 25 SPI series of 25X10, but the work with other commands.